Rory Knapp-Fisher began his path to acupuncture when he was a teenager, when he began training in Goju-Ryu Karate.  Through being involved in martial arts, acupuncture was something that he was aware of, but never really thought much about.  Later, when completing his degree in anthropology with a focus on traditional medicines he met someone who was studying acupuncture. Realizing that one could actually go to school for acupuncture, Rory’s mind was made and in 2013 he graduated as a Registered Acupuncturist.

  During the last decade, Rory has been immersed in a variety of physical disciplines and movement methods while simultaneously studying and practicing acupuncture.  Having more than 20 years experience in martial arts has given him a special interest in injury recover and prevention.  Naturally his acupuncture practice has honed in on this more and more.
  The first couple years of practicing acupuncture, Rory worked in community acupuncture.  This allowed him to see literally thousands of patients.  In 2015 he opened up his private practice to focus on sports acupuncture.
Rory is especially interested in using acupuncture to correct dysfunctional movement patterns to prevent injuries before they happen and to optimize movement patterns to increase athletic performance.
When not in his office Rory is usually found training his martial arts, walking around Victoria, or reading in a coffee shop.
Rory Knapp-Fisher also teaches orthopedic acupuncture and sports acupuncture techniques at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC.
Victoria Sports Acupuncture 1601 Blanshard St,
Victoria, BC, Canada
V8W 2J5
(Located Inside Innovative Fitness)