Acupuncture is the practice of inserting small, thin needles into the body at specific points. This stimulates movement and change within the body to activate it’s natural and inherent ability to heal and recover.

The human body has an incredible ability to heal and regulate itself. Constantly throughout every day our bodies are making countless adjustments to maintain a state usually called homeostasis. This is a dynamic state of balance. A state of harmony in constant motion. The ultimate goal in acupuncture treatment is to harness this innate drive and guide the whole person back to a state of healthy equilibrium. Thus the goal with acupuncture is not only to be pain and symptom free, it is to find that state of maximum health and vitality.

Nothing is added or subtracted in an acupuncture session. It is the body’s own abilities which are harnessed and manipulated. For this reason acupuncture can treat a very wide array of conditions and ailments. Injuries, digestion, hormonal imbalances, stress and all of it’s effects, and of course, pain of every flavour.

Tui Na (Chinese Medicine Style Massage)

Literally it means ‘pushing, lifting and squeezing’. Tui na is a unique style of massage practiced by acupuncturists and other Chinese medicine practitioners. A wide variety of techniques are used ranging from light and invigorating to deep and releasing.

Cupping (Ba Guan/Huo Guan, Fire Cupping)

Cupping, or huo guan (literally “fire cups”), is a technique using glass “cups” as suction tools. It is called fire cups because a flame is used to quickly remove the air from within the cup to create vacuum. The cups are then placed at various places around the body. Often left in one place and just as often moved around for a technique called ‘running cups’. The main effects of cupping are three:

The suction literally pulls on the fascia and muscle tissue providing a unique type of massage effect. It feels great!

The suction draws blood to the surface which has potent effect on the circulation of the area being cupped and the body as a whole. Especially for chronically tight muscles and injuries, this facilitates the flow of blood into an area of poor circulation and helps remove waste products left from inflammation.

The suction creates numerous mirco-abrasions in the capillaries in the skin which, although painless, elicit an immune response thereby giving the body a boost in its defences.

First session
(80-90 Minutes)
Follow Up Sessions
(45-60 Minutes)
Package Rates 3 for $240

5 for $375

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